Clearing your Home of Allergens with the aer1 filter

This year has been a struggle....allergy-wise. My husband and son are both extremely allergic to animals, but we really wanted a pet for our family. 

If you search back through this blog, you'll see the heartache we went through trying to locate a hypoallergenic cat

We brought our kitty come 2 years ago and over time my son's allergies went away. My husband's got worse.

Way worse. He travels for work, and his time away from home became the only time he was able to breathe and see without red, itchy eyes. 

Something had to change. We made a commitment in taking on a pet, so we were going to have to rearrange the way we live a little. 

I got better at washing our bedding and vacuuming more often, and we added an aer1™filter system a new line of portable filter technology that can be paired with their Holmes® and Bionaire® line of air purifiers.

The washing and vacuuming helped, a little. But when we added the aer1™filter system, everything got better for my husband. He would wake up and not be congested. He didn't have itchy, swollen eyes. We kept the air purifier in our bedroom and closed the doors at night so the purifier could focus on the air in our room.

It was working so great. I even got used to the hum of the machine (I'm notorious for needing an all dark, all quiet room.) It was actually working too great. I decided I needed the purifier in other areas. 

I especially needed it in the room where the litter box is located. I have to tell you, even though this filter is rated to remove 99% of allergens, it did a bang up job on getting rid of cat odors. You know what those are!  The area around the litter box was even less dusty than usual. Bonus!

But alas, it's not an entirely happy ending. Since I have gotten used to having the air purifier in the "cat room," I want it to stay there. And my husband started waking up with a sore throat and itchy eyes again. 

He will need the air purifier back in our room. And I'll need to get a filter for the cat area. For this review, we used the allergen remover filter, but I'll be buying the odor eliminator for the cat space. In time, maybe we'll figure this whole cat business out and we'll all live together happily ever after.

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