Cardio Core 4x4 Review

Are you looking for the next hit Celebrity workout? Even though Jay Cardiello does train celebrities (including rapper 50 Cent,) he's the first one to tell you to skip the fads and stick with what works.

In the book, Cardio Core 4x4, Jay gives you an all around approach to a healthier lifestyle. As a whole, I really like the book. It's an easy, quick read and all of the advice is solid and easy to follow. I especially like the emphasis on prehab - preventing injury and keeping your body healthy and strong.

The book briefly covers nutrition, mindset, lifestyle, and overall health tips.

Then there's the meat of the book - the workout plan. At first, I didn't see how I could ever do the workout. I'm not making excuses; it's just that I was convinced I'd have to rip the pages out and lay them on the floor in order to the exercises, and I refuse to rip books!

The workout is set up so you can do it anywhere (literally!) and you only need your own body. Every move comes with pictures and instructions. You just do the moves in order and you're done.

After reading through the whole book, I was going to recommend that the author include a pull out poster or cards that could be used to go through the workout. But then I did the workout.

I opened the page, did the moves, then flipped the page. Easy enough. Why did I think it was going to be so difficult? Maybe it's because I NEVER bring a book into the gym? I don't know, but either way, I didn't have to rip out any pages. I just did the workout. Easy as pie...sort of.

This is not a super difficult workout, but it is challenging. I did the workout with 20 reps for each move. At the end, I was a little sweaty, but not really.

I felt like I do after a yoga or pilates workout -good, balanced, warm.  All of the moves were helpful for strength, balance, and flexibility. I especially appreciate the focus on balance moves. I started incorporating similar moves into my routine a year or so ago, and they make all the difference. Next time I follow the Cardio Core 4x4 plan, I'll probably add some weights.

But I will keep doing the plan - for at least the next few weeks (a change is always good) and whenever I'm traveling. This is a PERFECT routine for the days when you are stuck in a hotel or visiting relatives. But since I travel light, I'll probably end up ripping the pages out for travel. Sorry...

Now, what every girl wants to know - will you lose weight with this plan? Oy! Here's my honest opinion. If you are sedentary and you adopt the lifestyle and stick to the workout in this book, you will probably lose weight. You'll also feel better. There's no better time to start than right now!

If you are moderately active and eat clean, you may or may not lose weight, but you WILL improve your athletic performance, balance, and overall strength.

If you are super active, you will also improve your balance and strength, but probably won't lose any weight. You probably don't have any weight to lose. Instead, you'll find a few moves you haven't tried that you can mix into your regular circuits. You'll also end up with an excellent travel workout. And maybe, you'll learn a few things about preventing injury so you can keep living a super active lifestyle.

*I received a complimentary copy of Cardio Core 4x4 for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own and no compensation was received. This article may contain affiliate links/ads.


Anonymous said...

These workouts are pretty good, but there is no stretching or real "cool down."

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