Can You Make Your Own Bone Meal for Fertilizer

As an organic gardener (and a huge proponent of eliminating waste) I am always looking for ways to use things completely.

In the garden, I use Fish Fertilizer almost exclusively, but have also used bone and feather meals. Since I make a lot of homemade chicken broth, I have often wondered if I could use the leftover bones to make homemade bone meal. 

I've read about it and most people recommend burning the bones in a fire, then using the ash in your garden. Hmmmm.... I thought about it, but it would eventually mix with wood ashes that may be detrimental to my ever so picky blueberry plants.

So I decided to try it a different way. I made the chicken broth as usual, then gathered the remaining (and very crumbly) bones into a ziploc bag and smashed them with my hands. It was super easy. Like smashing graham crackers.

Bones Right after being boiled for broth

Close up of crumbly bones

Completely smashed bones (red color is bone marrow)
I smashed them all up then let them dry on the counter (you could do this in the oven or dehydrator) until it was dry and pebbly.

It's a little scary, but I'm betting it will be a great source of organic material. I'll keep you posted if it works out well. Or if it attracts vermin. Or if it becomes a regular thing....


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