Fit Moms for Life Book Review

Becoming a mom changes everything about your body, and getting your "pre-baby" body back is harder than you'd expect. But that doesn't mean give up!

I just finished reading Fit Moms for Life, and I would recommend it to any mom trying to get her body back in shape. Actually, I'd recommend it to anyone planning to get pregnant. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...believe me.

I agree with everything in the Fit Moms for Life book. Everything. But I was hesitant to accept it for a book review because it's written by a guy. A young guy. Now, I get a lot of fitness advice from male authors and trainers, and think they have amazing advice. But they're not focused on "mom bodies."

It was a real turn off to see a young guy smiling on the back cover and know that he'd be talking about pregnancy, breast feeding, and raising kids. Guys (even dads) have no clue.

But the truth is, all of his advice is sound. And beyond that, his approach is not just about losing weight. It's about changing your life, your mindset, and developing a support system to make fitness fun. Women love that sort of thing, and he gives you the information to do it.

Reading through the book, I realize that I had heard/tried/lived this all before. I've read all of the books he mentions (and then some.) I also practice what this book preaches and I can tell you it works!

I am fitter than I have ever been. My post-baby body is different (damn stretch marks!!) but it's stronger, faster, and healthier. And if you must know, I weigh the same as I did before I ever got pregnant. Not that I'm counting (really!)

If you want to change your body (and your life) for the better, get this book. Then maybe you'll stop caring about what the scale says.  But you will care about how many pull ups you can do (I'm at 8!) and how fast you can run. And you'll finally feel good about trying on clothes and wearing a swimsuit in public. Trust me, it can happen for you. But you have to work smart.

Check out the book and check out Dustin's blog for more tips, fitness plans, and ways to get involved with a community of other moms that are changing their bodies.

*I received a complimentary copy of Fit Moms for Life for review purposes. No compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own. This article may contain affiliate links.


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