You never know what you might dig up....

I know it's "too early" but I just couldn't stand it anymore. Yesterday, I planted asparagus crowns. If all goes well, I'll be eating that tasty asparagus three springs from now.... What? Good things come to those who wait.

Well, as you may know, planting asparagus means digging really deep and wide trenches. Because our garden is a worm festival, I dug it all with a little hand scoop. Who wants to cut apart worms.

As I was turning over scoop after scoop of wormy earth, a gigantic orb or white corpulent flesh emerged. It totally freaked me out - and my daughter too! It was a huge toad!

I quickly asked if they had buried him in there last fall, and she said no. Then the toad started moving. Gross. Flashbacks to my son's 1st grade science homework reminded me that toads hibernate underground.

This toad had hibernated in my garden. He was really pale (from lack of sun for 4 months?) but otherwise alive and kicking - though still very much in the mood to sleep.

I planted the asparagus and buried the toad back in the ground. Hopefully I put him right side up!


Lisa @ A Little Slice of Life said...

Freaky! When I planted out garden last week I didn't run into anything like that. Of course I don't think many creatures hibernate in San Antonio.

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