Taboos of Motherhood Exposed

Taboos of Motherhood Exposed
Motherhood brings many challenges and some of those challenges are form societal taboos that sometimes force a mother to decide whether she wants to bend to societal pressure or stand up for her personal values. In most cases, these taboos are merely situations which the public is not often exposed to and are therefore wary of or they confront individual's insecurities and are not actually the result of meaningful concerns. 
The Home Birth
One such concern is home birth. Statistically, home births have repeatedly been shown to be no less risky than hospital births. Home births are conducted with a birthing professional such as a doula or midwife and in low-risk pregnancies and are very positive experiences for the educated, prepared mothers. However, the public is accustomed to births being a type of medical emergency and reflect that by expressing concern over home births. 
Keeping Cord Blood
Another example is cord blood banking. Some umbilical cord blood banking benefits include potentially life saving bone marrow transplants for the baby if needed in the future or life saving interventions for others if the blood is donated. Concerns over stem cell research which is controversial makes mothers receive criticism for this decision. But the stem cells in cord blood are normally discarded so putting them to life saving good use is clearly a reasonable decision. Nevertheless, if you are wary of stem cell research, you can simply bank the cord blood so it is not used for research. 
Breastfeeding in Public
Breastfeeding in public is an issue that makes the news often and may make a new mother squeamish about the idea. Keep in mind that breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world and it is illegal in most states for public establishments to discrimination or disallow a mother to breastfeed her infant. There are ways to be discrete, but remember that the public is only uncomfortable with breastfeeding because breasts are overly sexualized in our culture, but that is an illusion. 
Keeping the Placenta
Lastly, common in many cultures and very taboo in Western culture involves the placenta. In many cultures, the mother consumes the placenta after she passes it. It contains many nutrients which help the mother recover her strength after the challenge of labor. Most mammals consume the placenta after birth. Today, a service can turn your placenta into pills which you can take. So no one has to know what the secret to your rapid recovery really is!
Childbirth and rearing are incredibly natural, and it is unfortunate that so many parts of this natural experience have become such taboo.  Prior to giving birth yourself, consider educating yourself on several of the issues at hand so that you can make the best child rearing decisions possible for both you and your child.  


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