Homemade Upcycled Greenhouse for growing seedlings

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Listed in order of importance. Think about that. On that note, I have decided to reuse two items from my home to "upcycle" a homemade green house for planting seedlings.

We used a plastic box that held rolls, a cardboard egg carton, and potting soil (free sample - woo!)

 This is a fantastic project for kids to help with. My daughter rehydrated the potting mix with water from a syringe.

Fully hydrated and ready for planing.

Because soil and plants "breathe" - water will be trapped inside the greenhouse to keep your seedlings moist. Open it every few days to let some of it out so you don't get moldy plants.
These are our leek seedlings - just a few days old. I am going to keep growing them in this greenhouse until they start to touch the top of the lid. Then I'll use a larger plastic box (spinach container) and let them grow until it's time to transfer them outdoors.

At planting time, the egg carton should break apart easily. Being wet all this time will make it come apart really easily. I routinely compost these and they are non-existent within days. You could also let the soil dry out some and plant them as little soil plugs - without the carton.


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