Somebody Stop Me!!!!

The weather outside is gorgeous!!! I've already cleared away all of our dead plants, pruned the brambles, weeded the garden, cleaned out the porch, and.......

Ran to the store to start loading up on seeds. OMG!!!! I want to run out there and plant right now - yes, while it is still technically winter. In zone 4. I just can't resist it! 

I've had to call my sister to get "talked off the ledge."  But I still desperately want to plant. It's like a kid staring at candy. Or me staring at candy. 

The winter always brings pent up gardening desire, but it's in the 70's!!! We're wearing shorts. It's so unreal. 

I am going to try my best and hold out on planting, but I can't guarantee I can resist shopping. I still have a few more seeds to pick up and asparagus crowns. Yay asparagus!!! 

Maybe I'll start building more raspberry beds and that will keep my mind off the planting for awhile. At least until I start to see buds popping up! 

Wish me luck and if you're in the same boat as me, try to resist. We're only a month and half away from being able to plant for real.....Agh!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love to buy seeds. I am horrible about tending to them.

Henrietta said...

I know how you're feeling! It's been inthe 70's here too (what the heck is going on!!!) and I want to start planting badly! I may pot up a few things int he house to get a start on the season!

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