Easter Craft Ideas with Tulips

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Tulips are absolutely beautiful. They mean spring and joy and beauty. They make excellent gifts and can even be used inside as part of your home decor.  But have you ever thought about creating crafts with Tulips?

This Easter (and isn't Easter the perfect time to have Tulips around!) you may want to consider creating fun pieces using Tulips. How do you do that, you ask? 

iBulb sent me a fantastic list of craft ideas that blew my socks off. They had created a wonderful array of tulip arrangements used in creative Easter inspired items.  One of the creations was a coffee can decorated like a bunny, with tulips coming out of the top (sort of like hair.)tin can vase.JPGMy absolute favorite ideas were a little less "childish" and were extremely unique. Instead of filling vases with water, they filled them with Easter items - Easter basket grass, peeps!!, and jelly beans. jelly bean tulips 1.jpgI love, love, love this idea. Everyone wants to buy peeps and jelly beans. And let's be honest, we all want to eat them too. But we shouldn't. How do you buy them and admire their beauty - put them in the vase. 



I am way less likely to gorge on jelly beans if they are holding up my flowers (in a sense, acting as dirt!)[Untitled (1 page)iBulb has a ton of these great ideas. What is iBulb? It's a foundation that was set up to focus on promotion, technical research, and market access of Holland's flower bulbs.

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