Orcon Earth Worm Castings - Review

If I could, I would grow my own worms.... Since I live in the North and my husband is not a fan of wiggly worms in the house, (sniff) it's just not an option. But every organic gardener knows how good earthworm castings are for your soil.

I spent the first few winter months reading about the benefits of earth worms and their castings, and have been patiently waiting for spring (well, sort of patiently.) Castings are really a great way to naturally enrich your soil.

So I was thrilled when I had the chance to get my hands on Orcon's 100% Earth Worm Castings. My family was horrified!

My children assumed there were worms inside the container. Once I explained what it really was, they were dumbfounded. They even refused to help me feed our plants.

But I gathered them together and we opened the jar. Here's what they look like:

"Mom, that looks like dirt. You just got a bucket of dirt." is what my daughter said. Um...yeah. I tried to explain to them that every inch of dirt on the planet has been through the tummy of at least one worm. They didn't get it.

But if you are squeamish at all about this being "poop" - Don't Be! All dirt contains poop. Get over it. Plus if you are going to add something to your lawn or your garden - wouldn't you rather add something natural and beneficial.

I love to use compost, fish emulsions, kelp, mulches, and bone meals to feed my plants. They are so much healthier because of it and I just gotta say - big, healthy, yummy organic fruits and veggies can NOT be beat.

It's still winter here, so there is no active growth in my garden right now. Instead, I used the worm castings on my indoor herb planter. I had been agonizing for weeks about how/what to feed my indoor garden. I refuse to buy those horrid chemical sticks for any food plants and I knew my husband would have issues with me bringing any fish emulsions inside....

The worm castings were a perfect win-win. They have absolutely no smell or taste. I'm just kidding about the taste; I didn't taste them. But they don't smell. They are nice and dry and easy to use. Here's how I added them to my herbs.
Grow Basil Grow!!
You can make them into a compost tea (just add water and let them soak,) mix them in with your potting soil, or spread them on top of existing plants.

Like all organic gardening, it's easy. It's just about feeding the soil with the right things, and letting nature grow like it should.

I am going to keep these for my indoor plants, but am also going to mix them up with the nettle teas I make in the summer so all of my outdoor plants get a chance to benefit from them as well. I'll keep you updated on the progress - both in the herb pot and outdoors.

*I received a complimentary bucket of Orcon Earth Worm Castings for review purposes. No compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.


jakiesmom said...

i would love to grow my own worms too, cool product

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for something exactly like this.

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