I'll spend and I'll spend 'Til I can't spend no more...

A minimalist at heart, I actually like cleaning out the cupboards each week. It can get a little stressful toward the end of the week when all that's left to eat are "odds and ends," but I love having "just enough" and eating fresh, whole foods.

Then I saw Doomsday Preppers for the first time, and I started to wonder if my method was the best idea. There's no way I'm going to stock pile a ton of gross canned foods, but I could definitely keep a little bit on hand so we weren't bare bones each week.

But the food storage is the most boring part of the show. The best part are the weapons training, home reinforcements, fitness training, and sustainable agriculture. LOVE it!!! It makes me want to pack up and build an underground barrack in the ground right now!!

We'll be making a few changes, not because of the show per se (or because I'm worried about any sort of apocalypse) but because it just makes sense. Both of our kids are old enough to go to the shooting range now, so it makes sense to train them. And yes...to get more guns.

But if we're going to be getting more of these:

Then I definitely want more of these too:

And these:

And of course:

And because I'm not just a "wishful thinker," I'm off to write a letter to become a beekeeping apprentice....hopefully this spring!


VChapp said...
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VChapp said...

It even helps to have those bagged crock pot-ready meals in the freezer on those days when you feel under the weather, or just don't feel like cooking, so you know your family is going to get a nutritious dinner that night. This will help you from choosing a McDonalds meal for your family even if you have a coupon or they have a buy one get one free day. McDonalds is never the answer.

Anonymous said...

we are prepping too you can never be too prepared

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