How to dry Catnip in the Microwave

Last year, I grew catnip for our kitten and she turned her nose up at it. Really? She'll go bananas for the expensive organic catnip at the store, but won't touch real, fresh organic catnip?

Then my daughter picked the catnip and let it dry out. She then secretly fed it to our cat and eventually shared the results. So...she only likes it dried, huh?

I grow tons of herbs and love to use them fresh, but have saved them by dehydrating in a dehydrator (or air drying) and also by blending with water and freezing. Both work great but non are really quick.

Then my sister told me about drying herbs in the microwave. I had a bunch of catnip growing in the window, so I thought: why not? 

It worked great and here's how you do it:

Gather your catnip and a paper towel.

Pick a few strands of catnip (or whatever herb you are preserving) and place it on the paper towel.

Fold the towel over itself and place it in the microwave. Microwave for 2 minutes, then check on it and microwave at 10-30 second intervals. 

This particular catnip took 2 1/2 minutes, but came out nice and crispy.

Crumble your catnip.

Add cat:


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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Very nice and simple and easy. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great! My cat loved it so much he wouldn't share with my two other cats. He's rolling and rubbing in it right now. They even came to kichen area when they smelled it cooking in the microwave! A definitely better response than raw. Although I do rub it raw onto their toys rubbing the oil/juices into the fabric. Thanks for info. Way quicker than other options. Cat is still rolling and smiling! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Have lots to dry today!

Anonymous said...

2 of my3 cats love the raw catnip but the other one can't be bothered. I am going to try this drying method today to see if all 3 can enjoy the fun.

Anonymous said...

The paper towel burns in the mucrowave

Angie Funfar said...

I appreciate your tip on microwaving fresh catnip to dry it. It is fast and easy and my cat loves it! Thank you.

Unknown said...

What setting are you using for the microwave? I would think hi would make the paper towel burn.

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