Finding Meaning in your Life through Life's Moments

When you think about meaningful moments, do you think about happy times like the birth of a new baby, the start of a new job, or buying your first home? Me too.

Looking back on the last year, I tried to think of the great things that happened and how they shaped my life, but one tragic event actually stuck out as the most meaningful.

Say what? Yes, I ran an awesome mud race, built an amazing garden, made it almost an entire year without any MS-related issues, and everyone stayed pretty healthy. I'm grateful for all of those moments.
But the most meaningful moment happened in October when my husband called to tell me he had lost his job. Half of his company had been downsized.

In that moment, our whole life changed. I finally had to face on of my biggest fears - being poor again. I also had to learn to trust someone else.

I am fiercely independent and ever since I became a stay-at-home mom, I have had to battle with the concept of being "dependent." And even though I have been at home for over 8 years, I still cling to the notion that I NEED to make money.

Now there was no money. My husband and I are big savers and always plan for these "just in case" moments, but when it actually happens you get a chance to see yourself in action.
I learned a lot from the experience:
  1. That the past does not have to repeat itself and that I need to let go of the pain/fear/entrapment of my childhood.
  2. I can count on my husband to take care of us. He was on the phone immediately and landed a great job within 2 months. I don't need to solve every problem.
  3. I learned who my real friends were and how I interacted with people. I didn't call or tell anyone about what happened for weeks. I don't look to other people for help - not even my own husband (see lesson #2 above.) When I did tell my friends/relatives, their reactions told me a lot about how they felt about me.
  4. Planning for disaster makes sense, but living in fear of it does not. I learned to put it all in perspective - no one died, none of us were ill. Sure we didn't have health insurance or the "promise" of a steady income, but we still had all that really mattered.
I'd be lying if I said the time he was looking for work wasn't stressful, but once I got my own emotions in check, it wasn't all that bad. We scrimped and saved even more than usual, planned for the worst case scenario, and worked hard toward coming out on top of this.
I grew immensely from the experience, especially because I was able to let go of so much baggage I've carried with me my entire life. And that's why losing our income was the most meaningful thing that happened to me last year.

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