Can you communicate with animals telepathically?

Can animals read our minds? If you've ever stared into the eyes of an animal, then you know there is something going inside their minds. What is it? I don't know, but most people have had at least some experience with an animal that seems to "know" what they're thinking.

Dogs and Cats wait for their owners to come home at specific times. Dogs get excited for a walk even if you don't grab a leash or say any words. Animals can sense their owners are in danger and heroically rescue them. And of course there are the famous animals that have proven their abilities to "sense."

One is the infamous nursing home death cat that accurately predicts who will be the next to die and N'Kisi, the parrot that could give words for what her owner was thinking in the other room with incredible accuracy.

My own cat is constantly studying me; in an almost scary sort of way. I started to think about times when she may read my own mind. Or times when she communicates with me.

On more than one occasion, I have woke up from a dream where she is crying to me to rescue her, only to find her locked in the basement or left outside on the porch! Granted, I probably heard her crying in my sleep and just naturally understood the urgency in her voice. I have good ears.

But she does act like she knows what I'm doing - at least some of the time.

She is always ready to workout when I'm dressed and ready to go, but I think she takes her cues from my outfit. She swarms me whenever I'm in exercise gear - even if I plan to exercise later.

She waits for the children near the door when the bus is about to arrive. But then again so do I and she might just be following me.

She always seem to present when I make Lasagna or Pizza, mostly because I drop cheese while I cook and she loves to scavenge my messes. She is usually off on her own, but does have an uncanny knack of "knowing" when to be in the kitchen when I'm making these dishes - or anything that involves meat.

I am discounting the idea that she reads my mind when I'm cooking meat because the smells and sounds are very unique and are enough of a draw to entice her to the kitchen.

But what about the "cheese meals" - pizza and lasagna. I decided to test her ability to read my mind. I did not say anything about what I was making. I did not get out the aluminum foil (a product I use to cover the lasagna pan and something that my cat can never resist) and I did not make a ton of noise during my cooking.

Instead, I sent "vibes" out to my kitten to tell her that I would be using cheese and making pizza. I'd think in my head, "oops, I dropped a bunch of cheese" and "cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese...." You get the idea.

The first time I tried it was a total bust. I eventually went hunting for her and found her asleep upstairs; oblivious to my cheese wrangling below.

The next few times were the same. She just didn't get the message. Or she wasn't listening. It's a good bet that she doesn't care very much about what I have to say - as long as I continue to listen to her. Classic cat.

But still, there are other animals like the death cat and N'Kisi with extraordinary abilities. Our mind energy is all the same and it's an intriguing idea.


katlupe said...

Living with many animals, I KNOW they talk to me. Our dog is unusually intelligent. She knows what we are talking about and not by the tone or sound of our voice. She listens and reacts to our words. In fact, my husband once said that she smothers him. She was laying down, she looked at him, got up and went upstairs very slowly with her tail down and head down. He had to go up to apologize to her. I can cite many times that she has done things that show she knows what we are saying.

Our horses also do things that are unbelievable. Not enough room here for me to tell though. Maybe I will do a blog post about it. Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

My daughter, who loves LOVES cats, woke up from her nap furious at the cat the other day. When I asked her why she said, "He wouldn't stop staring at me."

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