Books to Read as we Head into Spring

With New Year's far behind us, perhaps you've lost focus on your goals to improve your financial or personal situation. Let me recommend that you look to Spring as a time of "rebirth" and renewal. It's time to jump back into taking care of yourself again.

Here are two book recommendations to help you spruce things up:

Knock em Dead 2012 is the Ultimate Job Search Guide. We just went through hunting and interviewing for a new job, and the advice in this book is solid. In fact, we learned most of what we know (and trust me - we're pretty good at interviewing and landing a quality job) from the Knock em Dead 1997 book.

This book is an updated version and helps you navigate through today's market situation. If you are looking to create a resume, write a cover letter, and get comfortable with interviewing, then this is a book you should read.

The Best Life List is definitely an original. It's filled with all sorts of lists to help improve your life. It's a quirky and cute book, but it's also useful. I personally love the "Buy a non-sucky gift for a teenager" list. There are things in this book you may have never even thought you needed to know but it leaves you thinking: "hmmm...that was a great idea."

I like this book a lot and I'd definitely consider this a great gift. Give it to a new mom, a teacher, your good friend, or a young girl heading off to college. Consider it a road map to everything you ever needed to know to live a great life.

*I received complimentary copies of the books listed above for review purposes. No compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.


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