Are You Left Eyed or Right Eyed?

Are You Left Eyed or Right Eyed?
Whether they were being held in storage or a Brooklyn cellar, the rackets, balls, and wheels of summer are about to be brought back out into the light of day. 

Parents beware - even if you yourself aren't planning on playing a little catch, you'll inevitably be walking around flying objects through the several dozen weeks of spring and summer. Whether Frisbee or softball, bogies are an inevitable part of the warm weather suburban landscape

Before heading out into such hazardous conditions, it's worth taking into account that one of your eyes is the more dominant of the other. That way in the event that a poorly thrown ball heads your way, or heaven forbid you go outside and participate in a game of catch with your kid, you'll be able to react quicker depending on the direction the ball is coming from relative to your line of sight.

But how do you know which eye is your dominant eye? Easy:
-Make a ring with your thumb and index finger of either hand.
-Extend your arm out as far as possible.
-Find an object several feet away, such as a door knob, and place the ring you made with your fingers around it.
-Close your left eye. Is the object still inside the circle? If so, then you're right-eyed.
-If not, then repeat the last process with your right eye closed instead to confirm you're left-eyed.

Now that you know which eye is the first to focus on an object, you can train yourself to react quicker to a wider range of incoming objects. For example if you're left eyed and a football is coming at you from the right without you immediately seeing it, you can react to it before focusing on it, instead doing both simultaneously.

In addition, you now have an interesting trick to show off to folks during spring and summer barbeques. Not many people are aware that there is such a thing as being left eyed and right eyed. 

While good to know for safety reasons, it's mostly just a cool thing to know about yourself.


solitary dragon said...

Hmm, now that is not something I have ever considered before but I just tried it anyway. & I'm left-eyes, by the way.

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