Winter Composting Surprises

The funny thing about composting is that it never ends. We are always eating fruits and vegetables, leaves fall from trees every fall, plants die, and there is a continual need to feed the compost pile. 

For the past few years, I had employed an open compost pile. Basically, we dumped our compost items and buried them in the pile. But in the winter, the pile would freeze and I would eventually throw out our scraps (oh the travesty!) 

This summer we invested in large rotating compost bin. I could rotate the bin daily and keep the compost decomposing. Since we had a warmer winter, the compost even continued to break down - albeit slower than the hot summer time. 

But then it happened. I went out to empty our household compost and saw egg shells littering my raspberry beds. What happened? I figured it out once I couldn't open the frozen locks on the compost bin. 
My son had emptied the bin a few days before and also could not open the frozen locks. But instead of telling me about it, he decided to just dispose of the compost in the raspberries and call it a day. But there was no compost left..... only egg shells. 

Images of the Rats of NIMH and Mrs Frisby gathering meals for her children danced through my head. I can only imagine how excited the forest animals must have been to have found lettuce hearts, fresh carrot and mango peels, apple cores and other "summer delicacies." 

I had to smile - thinking about the joy it must have brought to the animals. But I don't feed wild animals, for all sorts of disease/population control/garden nuisance issues. And since the compost bin is now frozen for the next few months, I am back to the horrid idea of using the garbage. It's been a sad and difficult situation, but one that is bound to come up every winter. 

I hope Mrs Frisby enjoyed her winter surprise.


Anonymous said...

I bet they loved the treats

Rose said...

Wow! I had no idea animals would come eat your scraps.

Anonymous said...

I can not wait for spring!!!!

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