Walmart on Christmas Eve....

I rarely shop during the holidays and I never go out on Black Friday, so what would possess someone like me to venture into Walmart on Christmas Eve?

It could only be one thing.....
We opened gifts early so we could travel for the holidays and one of my gifts was the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. So obviously, I was going to start playing right away. Or was I????

Like every Legend of Zelda in the past few years, a system upgrade is needed to play the game. First it was an upgrade to the N64, then the game cube, then a game cube with boosters, then the Wii, and now the motion plus controller for the Wii. Sheesh! All for the love of the game, right?

I guess so, because I checked online and found the one last Motion plus attachment in the area - at Walmart, no less, and ran out to get it. I say ran - but moving around in the store was like Molasses. It was liking being at the state fair - with winter jackets. Yuck.

I went right to the electronics and had to dig on the floor (really!!!) for the last motion plus attachment and waited in the express line behind many people with more than the 20 item limit. WhatEvs.

I got the controller and went home to play until midnight. Gotta love it. In the BC (before children) I would have played the game for 3 days straight - with only bathroom breaks - until I beat it. But this year, I had to share the remote with my son! What??!??!?! And since they love the game, I have to wait to play until they are home - and done with homework and yada, yada.

It's nice to have game camaraderie, but it's taking some adjustment.  And in case you're wondering, I played Twilight Princess while my young son sat near by and kept playing wildly into the night while he slept. I'm a slow adapter for electronics but a new Legend of Zelda always motivates me to update my equipment. What can I say. I'm a sucker for strategy and sword fighting.


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