My Winter Garden

This winter has been unseasonably warm and when we were mid-50's and not a trace of snow by January, I started to get giddy. Surely, this wasn't normal. But running outside to turn the compost bin, I caught a glimpse of the garden.

It looked perfectly ready to plant - like early May readiness. I immediately got the urge to plant something. Could I really have a garden year-round? I was almost too excited. You know, mental hospital excited.

Then before I knew it, we had real winter. I'm not complaining - we missed almost 3 months of it, and spring will be here before you know it. But now I had the planting urge. It cannot be cured without planting....

Lucky for me, I had something in storage that was going to work beautifully. This summer, we stopped at a 10 cent garage sale. WHAT? Yes, everything was 10 cents. Most of it was total junk, but I did happen to find a brand new herb planter - complete with dirt and seeds. Old seeds, but hey, 10 cents, right?

So last week, my daughter and I planted it. Correction - she planted it. She gets just as excited about gardening as I do, and there was no need for "perfection" so I let her do all the work.

Here are the results - one week later. I included a few "green shots" for those of you need need of some winter green.
Fully planted "herb garden." There are 4 "sides" and the top for planting.

Catnip seedlings

Basil and Cilantro seedlings
In all - we planted Basil, Cilantro, Catnip, Thyme, Parsley, and Oregano. The only one that hasn't germinated is Parsley. The rest are coming along nicely.  If all goes well, we can transplant many of these to the garden in the summer - come on Parsley!!

This was a super fun activity and at Ten cents - you can't beat it.


Maternity Clothes said...

What a great activity.

Tosha said...

I'm itching to plant something too! I was trying to hold of purchasing grow lights and a heating mat, but I caved. As soon as amazon delivers the goods, its on!

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