My cat eats a high quality diet. She's fully primal - no grains of any kind, and in order to find her higher quality food, I have to shop at a specialty cat food store. 

You can imagine how annoying this can get. I'd rather just dump it in the cart at Target and go on with my day, but good cat food is not sold at Target. Sorry, it's just the truth. 

So, once a month, I take a separate trip to the (out of my way) pet store and pick up her spendy cat food. 

Then - in a moment of pure "duh!!," I realized I could be buying her cat food online. No driving to the store. No waiting in line with people that bring their pets to the store. No lugging large quantities of pet food and griping to myself about the price all the way back to the car. 

What had I been thinking? I use the internet for almost everything and yet I wasn't even looking for her food online. Actually, I take that back. I had scoped it out on Amazon and a few other online stores, but found it to cost way too much compared to shopping in person.

That was - until I found  Mr Chewy is all about dog and cat food, treats, and pet supplies. And they carry my cat's fave food! Woo! Oh - and they carry it for less than the in store price. 

At the time I ordered my cat's food, shipping was free for orders over $49. If you buy pet food regularly, you know that your order will easily add up to $49. But if it doesn't, shipping is a reasonable $4.95. Yes, $4.95 to ship really heavy pet food. 

I was so happy to find my cat's food at such a steal of a price. I even decided to try out some new cat treats.  The site was easy to maneuver, search and buy from. And did I mention the low prices??!

My only beef would be the low selection of treats. My cat's favorite treats (freeze dried salmon, chicken or tuna) were not for sale on But to be honest with you, I don't buy treats all that often. I usually give my cat raw meat for treats. And I am satisfied enough with the food selection and prices.

If you buy cat or dog food, you will want to check out and see if your favorite brands are for sale. Compare the prices to other online or brick and mortar stores. You just might be pleasantly surprised. Imagine crossing off "buy cat food at ...." on your to-do list. I crossed it off of mine and I am super excited to be free from that chore!

*I received a complimentary gift certificate to try out All opinions expressed are my own.


Becca said...

Off to check it out right now! I hate carrying heavy bags of food from the specialty store!!

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