Making Fitness Progress when you have No Weight to Lose

Because I'm pretty frugal, some people might say that I'm obsessed with money. But those people are wrong. I'm obsessed with fitness

If you're a relatively fit person, do you ever find yourself jealous of obese people because they see "results" on a regular basis? I do! I love to watch people on The Biggest Loser drop pound after pound after pound. How exciting!!

My fitness tracking is way less exciting. Sure there were the baby  pounds that came off for a few weeks, but then the scale was pretty much stuck in a small 5 lb range. I'm at a healthy weight, so I'm not complaining. I just wish my "results" were a little faster/more noticeable.

So if you don't measure weight (and really, weight shouldn't be the main motivator anyway!)- what can you measure to keep track of your success? 

Measure body fat, speed, endurance, amount of weight you can lift, and how much more you can do!

I have been keeping a fitness journal for the last 2 years. I write down what I eat, what I do in the gym, and how I feel. It's awesome to go back and see my wimpy assisted pull-up moves and now to see I can do 4 sets of 4 reps of unassisted pull ups. Someday I hope to write down 3 sets of 20! Then weighted! 

I'm getting closer and closer to doing a long enough handstand that I can start walking on my hands. Do you know how amazing that would be?

I went from not being able to do a single push up to being able to do 60+ and even plyometric push ups. I can run. I can run fast. I can walk for forever. I can jump and do crazy P90X or Crossfit style workouts. 

But I would have given up or even stopped years ago if the scale was all that mattered. After all, I was at a "healthy" weight years ago - but I wasn't in the fighting condition I am now - or the condition I hope to be in as time goes on!

My advice - ditch the scale and start keeping track of your REAL progress. Keep track of how much stronger you are, how much tighter your muscles are, how much better your clothes fit, and how much faster you've become and how much better you feel!  Fitness allows you to LIVE better, not just look better. 


Sandra said...

Wow...that is so cool. YOu really have progressed! I'm a fitness finatic too...until December wrecked my routine. I'm starting back Monday! I've made progress but it's hard to see. I must be stronger though!

Mya Maternity said...

I love it. I agree that the scale can ruin everything. There is so much more to being fit.

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