Looking for the Ultimate Gift for around $20?!

Are you looking for the perfect gift? Or do you have a birthday coming up (hey, Mother's day is just around the corner) and you need to give people ideas?

Here's what I recommend:

Sure, you're going to think I'm a little "pull up" obsessed lately. But that's only because I AM! I got mine off of Craigslist for $10 and it has been the best gym purchase I have bought in a Looooong time. Maybe even one of my better purchases of all time.

I'd recommend looking for these at garage sales, on ebay, or on Amazon. People buy all sorts of great fitness equipment each January. They maybe use it a handful of times before it gets stored - and later resold for WAY less than they paid.

That makes it almost new. Plus pull up bars last for-eva. I had resisted buying one in the past because I thought they damaged your door. Then I saw my sister's pull up bar and thoroughly checked it out. No damage.

She has the Gold's gym pull up bar - which admittedly is a little nicer and comes with a few extra handles, straps, etc. I have the Iron Gym version. A more basic model but it definitely gets the job done! And hey - it was $10!!

If I happen to find a more "deluxe" model at a garage sale this summer, I'll upgrade. But I can still get a killer workout with my $10 model.

And let me assure you that I would NOT put these up in my house if I had even an inkling that they would cause damage. I spend way too much time taking care of our house to do that. The only thing that might make them cause damage is if you are over 200 lbs. But for most women - this shouldn't be an issue.

The other "under $10" items you should consider adding to your gym are a swiss ball, kettle bell, heavy dumbbells or medicine balls. Heck if you come across any inexpensive kettle bells, dumbbells over 25lbs or medicine balls (over 10lbs) - give me a call. I'm always in the market. :)


Fitness Equipment said...

yes pull up bars are a good way for upper body workout. And you can do it easily in your homes. No need to go to the gym.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I'd love to do a real pull up and you can even tie band to the bottom to assist you.

Anonymous said...

Pull ups are so good for you! Keep it up.

Rose said...

You're really strong (for a girl). I mean that in a good way.

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