The Diet Detective's All-American Diet

I read a lot of books about health and nutrition, and usually I pick up one or two useful pieces of information. But not with The Diet Detective's All-American Diet. This book shocked the core of what I believe about nutrition! 

The gist of what this book says is: "its great if you grow your own organic foods, shop at the farmer's market, and prepare all your meals - but most American's won't! - so let's move past that and create a plan using the foods that American's eat." I paraphrased that, by the way.

I have never read a health book that advocates eating what American's typically eat! But it really made sense.

One of the biggest battles I have when discussing healthy food options with others is that they do NOT want to change WHAT they are eating.

The entire book was a plan to eat correct portions and do it using processed foods. Plus some optional (I SAID OPTIONAL!!!) fruits and vegetables. There were literally pages and pages of meal options (all with color photos) from fast food restaurants, grocery store shelves, and frozen prepared meals.

Every day's meal plan contains 2 snacks and A DESSERT! Whoa!

And what does this book have to say about exercise? I'll let you read that for yourself, but I'll give you a hint - easy stuff that every single person with 2 legs can do. There is no running, high intensity intervals, or anything that would scare the time-stressed American away.

This book is all about making it easy. Not really changing your current lifestyle at all - just monitoring your portions. And it shows you a myriad of options that you can pick up at your local grocery store or fast food restaurant - no cooking required.

I am still in shock after reading this book. I just never thought I'd see the day. I would still advocate that people eat a mostly organic, whole foods diet. But since most American's refuse to do it, this is a great start.

I'm actually cutting out the restaurant section to put in my husband's car - not because I think he needs to lose weight, but because it gives a detailed "menu" for eating at familiar restaurants and my husband travels for work. It's nice to have that information before you pull up to the drive-thru. In fact, I think the author of this book should come out with a "take-along" restaurant guide that people can keep in their cars. Just a thought.

*I received a complimentary copy of The Diet Detective's All-American Diet for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


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