Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps - Review

It was the joy of all joys when a big box arrived at our house filled with Brother's All Natural Fruit Crisps. I had agreed to review them but the truth is, I have tried them before.

For some odd reason, 2 years ago, the CVS near my home had a batch of Brother's Strawberry Banana crisps. I bought a pack on a whim and ate it on the way home. I turned around and bought the whole display. I think there were 40 packages.

In case you're new to this blog, I love, love, love berries, and freeze dried fruit.

My kids loved the strawberry banana crisps, and we finished the entire lot of them in just a few days. I went back to CVS hoping they had restocked the shelves. Nope!

A few more visits to the store and I realized they were never selling them again....

Fast forward 2 years, and the Brothers fruit crisps pop into my local Costco. To my dismay the carton was mostly apple and pear - no berries and knowing my history with fruit crisps, I knew that I'd eat the 24 pack in just a few days.

And then the box arrives at our door. And to my awesome surprise, the packages are of "just strawberries," peaches, strawberry banana, pear, apple, banana, and pineapple.

OMG - JUST STRAWBERRIES. After devouring the package, I went online and ordered the 24 pack of whole strawberries online. I mean, why didn't I look for this before? Yes, I am going to eat them all in one day - but it's worth it!!

In case you're wondering, all of the other flavors are awesome too. Of course, nothing beats strawberry (except maybe raspberry.) But I have to tell you that I have a new love for the just bananas and pineapple.

The pineapple comes in bite size bits so you can eat one package for a long time (kind of like chips but way tastier.)  I am tempted to order a 24 pack of pineapple chunks because Brothers' are having a 15% off special on pineapple and offering free shipping. 

And yes, I am going to eat them all in a very short time span. What's a vegan girl to do? They are like yummy, crispy candy. Except they are not candy. They are real fruit, without any preservatives or added colors or any other ingredients. And my kids absolutely LOVED these!!!

When my strawberry packs arrive, I'm even tempted to hide them in my room. Moms don't always have to share, right?

My only complaint is that they aren't sold in my regular grocery stores. But I am always in the nut and dried fruit aisles so when they do pop up in say...Target...I'll be cleaning out the shelves. Especially the strawberry packs. 

*A very special thank you to Brother's for sending me all of your wonderful flavors to try, especially the strawberries! I'm hooked and will be asking for them at all my regular stores. 


Colin said...

Thank you for the excellent review. We're so glad you love our products!

Also, one minor mistake above - you mentioned the Pineapple Sale but the link you associated with your comment actually leads to our Whole Strawberry Fruit Crisps (which are out of stock for just a few weeks as more are coming) and not the Fruit-of-the-Month webpage.

Anyway, our Pineapple Fruit Crisps and the Fruit-of-the-Month Sale can be found here:

Thanks again!

Fruit of the Month - Pineapple said...

Here this link should work better. Fruit of the Month - Pineapple

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