When Vegetables Become Berries

I love vegetables, but I've been getting some harassment lately because....as it turns out, many of my favorite "vegetables" are actually fruits.

It's true! Cucumbers, Zucchini, Buttercup squash (OMG! Buttercup squash!! Yum-o!,) Tomatoes! They are all fruits.

My kids love to razz me about my love for "fruits" vs veggies. And then we heard the news: Tomatoes are actually BERRIES! That was the end of it!

They know how I love berries. And now my all time favorite veggie (oops - fruit!) is actually a berry. Oh, how I love berries.....

I guess it made sense. I gladly welcome Tomatoes into the berry world, and I love them all the same. I take solace in the fact that asparagus and swiss chard (two of my all time faves) will most likely remain vegetables. Right?  Right???


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