Plan Your Garden for 2012

A well planned garden is usually a successful garden, and the best time to plan is after you've had time to reflect on what worked or didn't last season.

Planning in the winter is also a great time to pass the gloomy winter days and focus on all the activity and excitement of spring.

Earlier this winter, I read a book called Square Foot Gardening and I think it just  might revolutionize my garden this year!  Over the years, I have battled with efficiency in the garden.

I want to get the most out of each square foot - but I also need walkways. And I want it to look nice, and keep producing all season, and...

Each year, there are high hopes, but I have never maximized efficiency the way this book explains. Take a look at how my tomatoes were spaced last year (this is 6 tomato plants in a 3'x12' box.)

Not very efficient! And devastatingly sad because tomatoes are one of my absolute favorite things to grow and eat. The more the merrier is my tomato (and berry) motto.

I took feverish notes while reading The Square Foot Garden  (who should be planted next to who, how much space between each variety of plant and more!) and here are my garden plans for next year:

It may be hard to tell by the diagrams (since they are paper and pencil drawings) but I am going to plant 14 tomato plants in that same 3'x12' space. In total, I have four 3'x12' boxes. One is permanently raspberries (woo!) and requires no planning.

One is permanently Blueberries and (soon to be) herbs. One will be ALL tomatoes and the last will be loaded with lettuces, swiss chard, spinach, carrots, beans, zucchini, peppers, flowers, radishes, cucumbers, peas, beets (yum!) and buttercup squash.

I am so beyond thrilled! To have a plan that follows "all the rules" and still allows me to grow seemingly endless quantities of produce (plus organically bug reducing  flowers), herbs, and berries has me so excited for spring. And just having a plan makes me feel so much better about "where to start," "what to plant," and what to do once the early plants fade out.

Wish me luck! I am not an organized person - so being prepared in advance instead of just buying every plant I see, has me super excited. I just have to wait until April to start....and the end of May for most of the big plants.... Patience is good, right?


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This looks really organized!

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