Pillsbury Pot Luck Party

When you think of Holiday parties, do you think about all the prep work, time spent in the kitchen, and clean-up? That's what I used to think about  - UNTIL.... we hosted a Pillsbury Pot Luck party. 

We asked each guest to bring an item made with a Pillsbury product.  And we made quite a few ourselves. After having made almost everything from scratch over the last few years, I was in utter shock at how easy it was to use these products. 

I mean, there was literally NO work. You just open a can, bag, or package - dump it on a pan - and you're done in a few minutes (all oven time.) Wow! My kids, of course, loved this because they felt like they cooked. 

I made very simple things and we ended up with a LOT of cookies that this party, but some of my guests made extremely impressive items like these:

These little puffs were filled with bacon (BACON!), egg and cheese. She baked crescents in a muffin tin, loaded them with goodies, and then layered the strips (arms of the crescent rolls) over the top. These were awesome - but made me think of breakfast. I'd make these with a pizza filling next time.

One of the best Sandwich Wreaths that was brought - it had tomatoes, cheese, ham and kale. Kale had always been considered gross in our family -so this was a nice surprise. 

This was my all time favorite. Not just because it was beautiful but because there were so many veggies and the dill/sour cream flavor was awesome!

This was a sandwich "wreath" filled with creamy spinach and ham.  It was good - but it seemed to have a little too much filling. 

I have to tell you that the cream cheese/sour cream and veggie wreath was my absolute favorite. If there's dill and cucumbers...I'm in. She was - of course - the only one to come without her recipe card filled out, but I'm tracking it down from her as we speak and will add it here once I get it.

Here are a few of the "usuals" that made it to the party:
We wrapped little smokies in crescent rolls (cut them first)

Monkey Bread - quite a few people brought these. This one was great because she sneaked raisins into it.

Just one of the many plates of cookies

Side view of the bubble pizza 

A bubble pizza - made with Pillsbury rolls

We had a great time and learned a lot about how easy it was to put together a party. Or at least make the food! You may want to consider this for your holiday parties because it was so simple to put things together. Below this paragraph, you should see a "widget" loaded with recipes and a $1.10 off coupon for any Pillsbury item. Feel free to print one out to use for your holiday baking.

 Disclosure: The Pillsbury product, information, food ideas, online coupon link, and prize pack have been provided by Pillsbury through MyBlogSpark.


Lydia said...

The coupon is not actually for $1.10 off any Pillsbury item but for any THREE items.

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