Mike Donavanik's Extreme Burn Review

As someone who exercises regularly, I'm always looking for new routines and videos to try. So when I came across Extreme Burn and read more about Mike Donavanik (he's a celebrity trainer with a lot of buzz right now,) I wanted to give it a shot.

To be honest, before I even tried the DVD, I had a bad attitude. I was sure the video was going to be annoying and I wasn't really in the mood for an intensive interval session. The night before, my husband and I carried 3 couches up 2 flights of stairs, and my body was not happy.

So as I popped the DVD into the player, I was searching for things to pick apart. My first....and only...critique was the coloring and angle of the set. It came off as a little stark white/blue and in the beginning I felt like I saw a lot of feet/legs. 

But soon enough, I was no longer paying attention to the coloring. The warm-up is fast! One of the best parts of this whole workout series is the limited talking. The workout starts - you get going - you keep going - and then it's over. 

But when I mean "you keep going," I mean you KEEP going. There are no breaks. No "recovery moves." You just work. Awesome!

The hands-down best thing about this workout series is THE MOVES. Most of the moves are full-body resistance moves, and the majority of them were brand new to me. That is saying something!

Mike puts together all sorts of combinations you may have never seen before. Almost all of his moves were new to me. They were either variations of things I already do, or completely new combinations. Either way - this was a workout for my body AND brain. 

I love that this DVD challenged my mind and my body. Was it super hard? It was challenging. I was sweating during the workout (not the wildebeest sweat that I get from the Tabata Inferno in the supreme 90 day set, but a good consistent sweat.) 

The moves are challenging and there is a countdown for each and every move so you can gauge how long you'll be doing a single move and exert the right amount of effort. 

Abs come at the end, but it's not the same type of Abs work that you get in a "girly" DVD. The Abs moves are simple, but non-stop. That makes them challenging. And since they come at the end.....oy!

The cool-down is really short, and I prefer to do a lot more stretching (foam rolling, yoga/balance work, etc). You can always do more on your own after you stop the DVD. 

Throughout the video, Mike does most of the moves along with you and that is pure awesome. There isn't a whole lot of talking, except for when he tells you to "rip it" which I found a little weird but still fine. 

He doesn't make errors, he does the workout, it's quick, it's intense. It's a good workout, and I'd recommend it. But I would say - it's not for beginners. Beginners can probably do it - without weights, taking breaks as needed, etc.  But if you're at least semi-familiar with jumping lunges, squats, presses, and moves like axe-chops then you'll enjoy this routine - and the NEW MOVES you'll learn.

Disclaimer - I received a complimentary DVD for review purposes. No compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own. I am not a physician, nurse, nutritionist, or personal trainer - just a mom that loves to exercise. 


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WOW! This looks like something that I would be interested in trying. Thank you so much for the heads up!

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