House Plants to improve your Health

Last winter we were in Hawaii, and we came across some aloe plants outdoors. They looked alot like these:

Ever since then, I have been thinking about growing aloe indoors. Where would I put it? Does it need a lot of sun light. And where do you buy a plant in the first place?

It turns out you can buy plants online for under $2. They are easy to grow (in low light even) and eventually reproduce - so you'll need to give some away.

I like the idea of having an aloe plant around. Will I ever use it for skincare? Only time will tell. But if I plant an aloe, I'll let you know.


Midnite Skys said...

OMG I have a aloe plant that I have had for years, It has been nicknamed the giving aloe by the girls! I have forgot about it and had the big part die. But then the "babies" grew up. I have given "baby plants" to friends (they have giving babies to friends) and the girls when they moved out! I keep it in a sunny spot but then I have moved it to a semi-sunny spot and it is fine for a couple days. I have a cat that likes to nibble on it once and a while. But it is great for burns!

Anonymous said...

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