Compost Your Cat Fur!

Every once in a while I find myself staring at a humongous clump of cat fur - the results of furminating. And I hate to just vacuum it away.

So I don't! No, I'm not knitting cat fur sweaters or making anything from it.... I'm composting it! And my hair too. Ever since I have been reading about the creepy underworld of worms, I couldn't help but think of all things I could be adding to our soil (and keeping out of the landfills) to increase the organic matter in our garden.

If you'd like to see a whole list of things you can be composting but never knew you could (like pencil shavings, used tissues!, and nail clippings) then check out this cool composting website.


Robin said...

You have a lovely blog. What can I say about the little cat? It's so cute! Thanks for your interesting ideas.

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