Christmas for Kitty

Our cat loves Christmas. Before she destroyed the Christmas tree (climbing inside and biting all the wires), she used to lie beneath it and just bask in its essence.

For weeks before Christmas, she busies herself with biting all the bows, ripping the paper, and jumping through the packages. She inspects every new present, chews it, and comes again to repeat the same actions.

Last year was her first Christmas and I wish I had taken videos. She jumped in and out of boxes like crazy - chasing after balls of wrapping paper, ribbon, and..... her first gift. Last year she opened a big container of freezed dried bonita tuna flakes.

She couldn't get enough of it. She love, love, loves tuna flakes. The canister lasted an entire year and we had high hopes of repeating the gift this year. But alas, none of the major pet stores around us carry the yummy tuna treats. I have one more specialty store to check and then Kitty will have to wait for Amazon to deliver after Christmas - since I was a butt and missed the "free shipping" day.

But she won't be empty pawed. She did get a box of fresh squishies and tin foil balls. Plus she'll have all the wrapping paper to chase and boxes to jump into. And all the bows she's been battling for weeks will be conquered.

 Cats really do love Christmas. Now if we could just get her to stop destroying the trees.....


Dimes2Vines said...

We have just gotten a kitten and he also loves the tree. So far the tree is surviving but the presents...well, Christmas is almost here!
Merry Christmas, Angela!

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