Words to Sweat By - Decorating your Home Gym

Any gym rat will tell you that having a positive motto can make all the difference when a workout gets tough. Think about it. When you're working hard, the world is quiet. It's just you, your body, and your thoughts. 

When your mind starts to wander or give up, it's helpful to think of a mantra like the ones you can find on the Words to Sweat by workout gear. 

If you can't put your mantra up on the wall or scrawl it across your mirror - how awesome would it be to have  it staring at you as you wipe the sweat from your face? 

We recently brought the Words to Sweat By towels into our home and I'll tell you why I like them: 
  1. Decor - A gym can be a pretty ugly place. A down and dirty place. A sweaty... You get the picture. But you want your home - your whole home - to look clean, organized....special. These are perfect for decorating your gym. I put three of them together in a basket and my gym suddenly looks like a spa. Would you like a towel madam?  
  2. Inspiration - The towels have a variety of phrases and you are sure to find one that motivates you - and others - while you are in your own gym or at the local club. Plus they just look cool.
  3. Function - How often do things serve multiple functions? These towels look cool and they also work. You want small white towels at the gym. They just feel right. These towels accomplish a necessary task, while still looking pretty cool. 

 They come in a variety of colors and phrases. Here's my favorite:

Yeah - there are no excuses! Not in my gym!!!

You can find Words to Sweat By towels, t-shirts, tanks, and even holiday sets at Wordstosweatby.com.

*I received complimentary towels for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. 


Anonymous said...

These are so cool!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish they had these phrases in stick ons that you could put on your gym mirror or the back of the door or tv.

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