Train Your Brain to Get Rich

I just finished reading:  Train Your Brain To Get Rich. Anyone who knows me, knows that this title really appeals to me. But the book was not at all what I expected.

The book contains scientific evidence for how we can manipulate our brains to think/believe/do almost everything, but it's not a "guide" to becoming rich or gaining wealth. I guess there is no fool-proof guide or we'd all be rich, huh?

But what it does offer is a good look at your brain's functions, how you can change your perspective to increase your chances of success, and some overall good tips for healthy living.

In fact, I'd probably change the title of the book to something like "Train your Brain to live a Rich and Full Life". Not as catchy, but it's definitely accurate. The book offers a lot of good insight into living a more full and rewarding life - if you happen to get rich along the way, all the better.

*I received a complimentary copy of Train Your Brain to Get Rich for review purposes. No compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.


Mike said...

I'm going to check in to this. thanks

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