Looking for an Exercise Partner?

So many of my friends say they can't/won't/don't workout because they need/want an exercise buddy. Unfortunately, that's often their way of hinting that they want to workout with me. Ugh.

I'll do cardio with friends - just for fun - but not for a workout. For grunty, sweaty, effective workouts - I  work alone! 

Or do I?

She doesn't really wear this gear (except during dress up - poor kitty) but I realized that I do have an exercise partner and I almost never work out alone.

Like most children, cats are icky workout partners. They scratch and fight things while you're trying to focus. They crawl around and on you while you're doing tough yoga poses. And....they ask for attention.

The reason my cat likes to workout is because I used to throw balls for her between sets. She'd fetch them and wait for me to finish. I still do this occasionally, but I don't take a lot of breaks in my workouts anymore and she's noticed. She waits for my cool down and then starts the purring, rubbing, whining.

But she is a fantastic workout partner for one really important reason! She never lets me forget to exercise. Like any good stalker, she knows exactly when I exercise and if I'm not on time, she let's me know. She mews at the door. She wrangles around my feet and leads me to the door.

And if for some reason I am in my workout gear at any time other than exercise time, she runs to me and gives me so much love you'd actually believe she loved me. Then when she's got my attention.....she runs me to the exercise door.

So don't discount your kitty if you need a fitness partner. Yes, they know how to laze in sun and sleep for hours at a time (gotta love 'em) but they also know how to get physical.


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