Fascinating Earthworm videos

I gotta tell you - I am learning so much about earthworms it's creepy. I wish it were spring so I could get out and dig for some. Did you know that earthworms are damaging some of our northern forests? Did you know that the earthworms that inhabit most of America are imports from Europe?

Did you know that they can pick up big rocks, sticks, and leaves!!!? You have to see them do it here: http://youtu.be/kU7DTjf52i0. I was so grossed out by this video. It's unreal. Who knew what went on in the night?

I just might take the kids out on summer nights to hunt earthworms and watch them in action. You'll also like this video on the Giant earthworm of Australia. You can hear it gurgling underground. Now I need to go to Australia not only for the boxing kangaroos, but to hear the earthworms gurgling.

 And this video shows an earthworm collecting seeds. OMG!
 And this is what I contemplated building to make even more compost:
 The worm exploration just keeps growing. Woo! I'm all excited for Spring....and it's only November. It's going to be a long winter.


Anonymous said...

This is really gross.

Earthworms said...

It does not take long to become addicted, but once you are hooked you want to learn more.

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