Can you be productive and have long fingernails?

For most of my life, I have chewed my nails. Disgusting, right? Well - it used to be a nervous habit. And after fighting it for a long time, I have finally quit. Woo-hoo!!

Not so fast. Now I have super long nails. And it sucks! I can't punch without cutting into my own hand, hold weights effectively, type without it being weird, or open things well.

They do look nice though....and they make cool noises when I tap them on hard surfaces.... But what's an active, dirt digging, weight slinging girl to do?

I'm tapping my nails on the desk as I ponder that situation. Maybe I should just chew them off. Does anyone live with long nails and still do a lot of grabby, active things with their hands?


michele said...

I know a woman with fairly long nails and they are strong. She types, clean, cooks and everything else she needs to do. I guess it is a skill.

Anonymous said...

the answer is no

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