Bonding over Board Games

This fall has brought a ton of great bonding experiences for my family. The secret: board games. Now that my kids are school-age, they understand how to play games.

They get the concept of taking turns, they love to win, and most of all they love the "family time." Since the weather has turned chilly, we've been spending more time indoors. That can mean a lot of boredom. And a lot of TV watching!!

I don't want my family to be huddled around the T.V. all night. Thank goodness for board games! We spread out on the floor and play various games together.

We've played cards, dice, and marbles, but board games are our favorites. There's just something awesome about knowing the rules and having something to follow along with.

Board games are my top choice for activity outside of TV - but it's not just because they're fun. It's because we can play them "together."

While we're playing, we talk. We share stories and make memories together. We all learn about sharing, considering other people's feelings, and being a good sport.

It's a wonderful, "low-pressure" time when people can just be together. I've learned a lot about  my children while we've been playing games. And they feel closer to us because of the time we put in to playing. So they're better behaved and come to us outside of game time.

That's something I want to continue.

I'm very grateful for the hours we've spent playing games this fall, and I look forward to keeping the tradition going (especially in the teen years!)

This the newest game in our arsenal:

Imagine legos with mazes and game play. Awesome!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LEGOSystems. The opinions expressed by me do not necessarily reflect the view of the LEGO Brand.

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