Are You Adding Arsenic to Your Garden?

Apple seeds (pips) contain Arsenic. And a pretty decent amount. But what happens when you put your apple cores into the compost bin? In our family, we eat at least 3-4 apples a day. Each core goes into the compost and eventually makes it into the garden.

Does that mean we are adding cyanide to our garden soil? After so much debate over the right wood/nails/screws to build our garden beds (to avoid arsenic and other toxins) it's a valid concern.

But in my research to determine which boards to use, I found out the ground already has a considerable amount of arsenic. And what happens at orchards where hundreds of apples are lost to the ground, worms, blights - they all end up back in the soil. Apples have been composted for years.

I decided not to worry about it. The pips may add cyanide. Or they may fully degrade and microorganisms might change the make up entirely. Who knows. 


Mya Maternity said...

Never knew that. Interesting. We never know exactly what happens with certain things.

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