Ten Strategies for Decluttering your Playroom

If you have kids, then you probably have toys....everywhere! Kids naturally drop what they're doing and run off to the next thing. This can mean toys, crafts, and mess scattered throughout the house.

Obviously, it's a good decision to start training them to put things where they belong, but in the meantime, how do you tame the clutter?

Since I have 2 children of opposite gender, we have a ton of toys for both of them. This can get out of hand pretty quickly, but we've found a way to keep it under control. Here are my top 10 tips for decluttering the playroom.

#1 - Have your kids pick up what they play with before they start something new. This is a never ending battle, but a lesson that needs to be learned. And when they actually do it, it makes a world of difference.

#2 - Only allow toys in designated areas. This keeps your living room and dining room table from being toy dump spots. And in the worst case scenario, you shut the door to the "toy room" and the mess is gone....for a while.

#3 - Rotate Toys. Take toys that haven't been played with in a while and store them in a closet. After a few months, take them back out and put out something new. It's amazing how much my children will play with something when it's "new again" even if they hadn't noticed it in months.

#4 - Donate outgrown toys right away. When your children are no longer babies, get rid of the baby toys! Goodwill would love to have them. Younger cousins would love to have them. Maybe you can sell them on ebay. Either way, just move them out!

#5 - Consider donating toys when birthdays and Christmas come around - to make room for new toys.

#6 - Store items in their own bins. Legos with legos. Blocks with blocks. Polly pockets with polly pockets. You get the idea. And this makes it easy to clean up. Since your kids will know where everything belongs, it's easier to get them there.

#7 - Involve your children in the donation process. If you explain why and how you donate items (you may have to do this several times) your children will eventually understand and value the extra space and needs of others. They may even come to you randomly with things they wish to donate.

#8 - Keep games and electronics separate from the rest of your toys. You don't want game pieces lost or electronics broken, so store them separately from the rest of your toys. Maybe that means a designated closet. Maybe that means a high shelf. Whatever you do, do not mix them with regular toys. They will be come broken, lost, and unusable.

#9 - Use shelves, storage bins, baskets, and more to store your items. Shelves and Bins help get things off of the floor. And you can tailor your containers to match your decor.

#10- Limit how much you buy in the first place! This is tough but if you can limit how many toys (or stuffed animals - OMG!) you buy, then you will limit the clutter.

Battling clutter is a never ending struggle. But you can keep on top of it. If you have extra tips to share, please leave me a comment.

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Patty White said...

These are really great tips!! I don't have any tips on de-cluttering, but a great way to save money on toys is a toy swap. My friends have kids the same age as mine, and we trade toys with each other when our kids get tired of playing with theirs. Its so great, my kids get new toys and it doesn't cost me a thing.

Alex Quinn 82 said...

Thanks for sharing your tips on organizing kids toys . I always forget about rotating the toys! I don't mind buying a lot of toys for the kids but what bothers me is if they are not used and wasted. I've been buying less toys , but educational toys since they tend to keep them occupied for longer amounts of time while learning at the same time.

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