Selling Cilantro Could Make You Rich!

This year was a fantastic year for gardening. And apparently it was a great year for learning about multiplication and compound interest. My daughter had been asking me what the word  "Multiply" meant and I explained it her. Then she asked again. And again. And again. 

Then we had the perfect chance to show her what it meant. Last year I saved the seeds from my Cilantro plants and this is what I had:

Using those seeds, I planted a gigantic cilantro forest with more cilantro than we could ever use. That cilantro bolted and created seeds. I let them dry in the garden until last week when I asked my children to gather as many as they could and save them for me.

Now, my kids are young, and they don't always do the best job. But this what they gathered:

I showed them the picture from last year and explained that I only planted that many seeds. The seeds had Multiplied. And my daughter finally understood the concept. She was satisfied and moved on.

My son had other plans. He said, "So we could plant these seeds and then get way more next year. Then do it again and get even more. We could start selling Cilantro seeds. I bet we'd be rich!"

Yes, that's how it works. But the market rate and demand for Cilantro seeds (also known as coriander) isn't quite that great. But I love that he was thinking about it.

We'll use some of these as spices (coriander) and plant a bunch. I'm also saving marigold and sunflower seeds. So we'll take all of our extras to a seed exchange and see what kind of things we can come back with. I'm still on the hunt for giant zinnias. I love those.


Jessica-MomForHim said...

What a perfect real life lesson, I love it!

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