PÜR Gum - Aspartame Free Gum Review

A few years ago, I gave up gum forever. It eventually wheedled back into my life, but not without a lot of stressful contemplation. What's the big deal, it's just gum right? Actually....

If you flip over the package on most gums you'll find all sorts of scary ingredients. Dyes, artificial flavorings, artificial sweeteners, and more. 

But if you like gum, you're kind of stuck with the fact that you're chewing chemicals. Maybe not anymore? I recently had the chance to review PÜR Gum and it's free of aspartame! It's also free of sucralose and sugar. 

I've scoured the ingredients list and have not found any artificial dyes/colors. According to the manufacturer it's also gluten-free, vegan, non GMO, diabetic friendly, and nut-free. It also contains antioxidants. I noticed Vitamin E in the the ingredients list.

The flavors were great - pomegranate mint, peppermint, spearmint, and excitemint. Pomegranate mint was my favorite. 

I'm happy to have found an aspartame free gum. Check  PÜR Gum to see if it's sold in stores near you. Wondering why Aspartame is something you want to avoid? Google it...seriously!!!

*I received complimentary gum for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. No compensation was received. 


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