The New Season of The Biggest Loser - Are you Interested?

After 11 seasons, I was pretty sure I was finished with The Biggest Loser. Last season was kind of boring, and how many years can someone watch the same story....

I decided I was done. Done, done, done. I was about to erase it from our DVR when I realized it was only days away from starting. I was back in.

I counted down the days and prepared myself to be annoyed. I decided to spend some quality time on the treadmill during the show so I wouldn't be wasting 2 hours on the couch. Seriously - does the show have to be 2 hours!

Here are my thoughts:

Thank God Brett and Cara are gone. They were annoying trainers. And I'm cool with Jillian being gone too. The show started with some exciting Military tanks and aircraft, but I kept thinking - are we, the taxpayers, paying for this military presence?

In some way, I'm sure we are. And that's more annoying than the product placements in the show. Thankfully, this first episode did not contain any product placements. There was crying though. I can understand it in the beginning when the guys are carrying too much fat (and that means too much estrogen) but it better end soon.

All of the teams went right for Bob, but I would have chosen Dolvett. He's ripped! I'm not sure what to make of Anna yet, but I do think it's unfair that the teams are grouped by age.

The older men have a chance, but the older women are fighting a hormone battle that just isn't fair. This is not a deal breaker for me. Fairness on The Biggest Loser isn't really what it's all about. Unless you're talking about the time Tara ran the marathon and won - but lost $10,000 because Helen was a b**ch and ate a cupcake against her.

That kind of unfairness just sucks.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the first episode. There was intense exercise, people doing things they never thought they could, no product endorsements, and a lot of big numbers at the weigh-in.

I'm optimistic that this season will be good -without a lot of cheesy endorsements, crying and "poor me" drama. I want to see people change their lives. And I want to learn something new from these trainers. This season, I hope they actually spend some quality time on food education - not just talking about "snacks" or products they endorse. I want to see what they are really feeding these people. And I'd like to see what the trainers eat themselves.

Oh, and I'd love to see the contestants do some actual work. There is a reason why so many Americans are overweight. 80% of it has to do with food. But a lot of it has to do with the lack of actual work. Instead of sweating on the treadmill, why not have these guys dig ditches, build buildings, clear brush and debris - heavy, massively huge calorie burning work.

Just a thought....


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