Moon Dough Review - New and Improved!

We love moon dough in our household. The molding sets are fantastic and the dough outlasts any other dough we've ever used. 

Well, just when you thought moon dough was the greatest molding product on Earth, they went and changed the formula. Now - moon dough is less crumbly and still NEVER dries out. Wahoo!

So we gave the new formula a try, and we loved it. It was less crumbly and since our original moon dough has still not dried out (going on a year and having been left out a zillion times) I'm guessing this new formula will last as well.

Check out to see all of the new push n' pop play sets. We had the chance to try the breakfast set and I highly recommend it. Kids love breakfast foods and what could be more fun than making waffles, pancakes, and toast. 

*We received a complimentary moon dough play set for review purposes. Thank you to Team Mom and Spin Master for supplying the dough for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Anonymous said...

I love moon dough. I'm glad to hear its less crumbly. Going on our xmas list.

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