HandTrux Review

Here's a toy you probably haven't seen at the park or beach: HandTrux. But in the sand is exactly where thi toy belongs and the first place your little one will want to take it!

This summer, we had the chance to review HandTrux. My kids looked at it and thought it was so cool. They could be their own "digger" truck. They could dig, scoop, and look like a robot all at the same time.

They ran to the sandbox to give it a try. And that's when they lost interest in it. Unfortunately, my kids found it tough to dig with. The idea was great. The toy looks super cool and other kids wanted it. But they really had a hard time digging with it.

Maybe it was just them? Check out this video of a little boy having a great time with the Handtrux at the beach.

If you have a child that's really into dump trucks and equipment, then they will be excited about this toy. And hopefully they will have more determination to make it work than my kids did.

*I received a complimentary HandTrux for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


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