Gaining Weight From Exercise...

When you start exercising, your weight should surely go down, right? Well - I have been exercising a minimum of 3 times per week for the last 13 months and over that time, my weight did steadily go down.

But 44 days ago, I started an extreme (every day) workout program (it last 90 days, half-way there - woo!) and over that 44 days, I have gained 5 pounds. This is a solid, legit 5 pounds. 

It's not because I'm wearing jeans and sweaters instead of shorts and tanks. It's not because I'm PMSing or drinking extra water. This is real weight. It's on me....

Luckily, I've been tracking my weight and body fat percentage every day for the last year, so I have some clue as to what's happening.

I know that about 4 pounds of that weight IS lean body tissues (muscle, bone, tendons, fluids...) and around a pound of it is fat. What the Junk! I didn't start exercising to gain fat! 

But this is the riff. In order to gain muscle, you do need to gain fat. This is crap, but it's how our bodies work - blame insulin, the liver, or whatever you want. It just is. I fought this for over a year. I was diligently trying to gain muscle and not gain fat. It took me a year to lose 10% of my body fat.

I made strength gains and leaned up my body over that year, but for a year's worth of work - it wasn't that great. So it was time to choose one or the other - muscle gain or fat loss.

Bring on the muscle!

Over the last 44 days, I have made HUGE strength gains. I'm doing full sets of clapping pushups. Holding hand stands and trying (but failing) to walk on those hands! I can do jumping squats and lunges for what seems like forever. I can swing huge weights like dead cats. And I can survive an hour long tabata circuit.

I've made big gains. And I've gained real muscle mass. Who knew?

So where is the muscle? It's mostly in my back, shoulders and rear. I can see it in my rear and my back. Seriously, if you were sliding into mom butt territory, I may have finally figured out the cure. Email me and I'll tell you how! I have personally lifted my butt and gained a noticeable amount of "roundness." Just saying.

Having said all that, it's scary to gain weight as a female. I like the strength, but the whole concept still freaks me out.

In case you're wondering, junk food had absolutely nothing to do with my weight gain. I don't eat that type of food. In fact, I almost completely cured myself of my candy addiction over these last 44 days. I may occasionally have candy, but nothing like before and I have went as long as 8 days without any sweets or junk.  (That's huge for me by the way!)

Actually, my diet is probably 95% clean - all unprocessed, lots of fruits, veggies and nuts. All real food. The fact is, I have been working out hard. And I have been super hungry.

I'm not used to being that hungry and I actually started to freak out thinking I might be preggers. That would be the shock of a lifetime. It's almost impossible (Thank God!!!) but I have been all-out ravenous.

Shredded muscles need food! 

So what's next? I'm going to stick with this 90 day program and gain as much muscle as it takes. Once it's done, I'm going to cut myself back down - still working out hard at least 3-4 days a week to maintain as much muscle as possible, but with some decent cardio to lose those last bits of chub.

Then I'll mix it up again. That's how I roll. I'm committed to working out regularly for the rest of my life. It's do or die. Not "die" die. But it's be healthy or suck. Does that make better sense?

I may take it easy and just enjoy exercise for a few weeks. Or I might kick it up even more and start doing one-armed push ups, weighted pull ups, crazy scorpion yoga poses, and walking all over the place on my hands. A girl can dream right?


dreambox sky said...

To loss weight, you should have to do weight exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, calf raises, back extensions and pull-ups, 4-6 times a week. Perform five repetitions of each group.

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