Finding Balance to Inspire you to Become your Best Self

The importance of finding balance in your life cannot be understated. It's something I have been working on for years. Even though I've somehow survived into my thirties, I haven't always been "balanced."

What does it mean to be balanced and why is it important? To me, balanced means not being to extreme in either direction. For your health, that might mean finding a happy medium between exercising intensely for hours each day and lying on the couch 24/7.

It may also involve finding a way to schedule your time, your workload, your sleep, and deciding who you spend your time with. And of course, it would mean finding a balance between treats and healthy food choices.

But what about mentally and spiritually? Balance means being mindful of every moment. Not speeding through life, and not going so slow that you don't do anything.

Spiritually, it may mean discovering your role in this great big universe and finding what works for you. It may mean connecting with people that have similar values and surrounding yourself with positive energy (people, thoughts, events.)

It might even mean stepping back and spending time alone for a time.

It's important to find balance because when things are in balance, you have the best vantage point in life. You are the player in your own story. You interact and notice what's happening. You feel. You experience. You live!

I would suggest that you let the drive to balance your life inspire you to make finding your true self a priority this month.

Take a look at your schedule, who you spend time with, your activities and your nutrition choices. Then make the hard changes you need to bring your life into balance.

On a personal note: I feel more balanced than I have been in a long time. I finally understand how I relate to the world/God/people.

I have said goodbye to some friends that were more negative than positive. I have made regular exercise a non-negotiable routine. We are eating more whole, organic foods than ever. And I am continually trying to say no to candy and commitments that detract from the goals of our family.

Fitness-wise, I am stronger than I have ever been. But I'm also focusing on balance, endurance, and flexibility. I am working hard to be "present" in all things and to enjoy this stage of life for what it is.

I'm not always perfect. I'm almost never perfect. But I'm happy. And I am working hard to keep my life in a good place - a balanced place.

I'm curious to know: In your busy everyday life, how do you strive for balance?

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