Can Bone Broth be an Effective alternative to Recovery shakes?

Something about dried protein isolate just rubs me the wrong way. Like powdered milk (or 1%, 2% milk...but I've lost that battle) it just screams oxidation. But if you read anything fitness related, experts agree that a recovery drink is crucial to maximizing your muscle recovery.

I'm all about muscle recovery - and muscle building. But is there a whole foods way to get instant protein into your body? What about bone broths?

I have plenty of this on hand and I make more all the time. After some digging online, it seems that bone broth IS an acceptable alternative. It's loaded with collagen, gelatin, protein, calcium and a host of other vitamins and minerals.

The challenge - drinking it after a strenuous workout. Exercise steals my appetite and I could go hours (maybe even a whole day) without eating after a tough workout. My body just isn't interested.

Today was the day. I made chicken soup last night and simmered the carcass overnight, so I had fresh broth waiting when I finished my workout.

Admittedly, it was odd to drink "soup" after a workout. I wasn't hungry and it was odd to be eating (drinking.)  But in all other ways it was fine. I'm going to keep it up for the next few weeks and see if I can't increase my muscle building by adding in the "recovery drink."


Anonymous said...

I think it would be hard to drink something warm after a workout.

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