7 Steps to a Happy Marriage

Remember the funny bit about marriage from Jenna McCarthy? Well - her book is now available! It promises to be a riotous look at marriage! Really - you can't take it sooo seriously or you won't make it through with your sanity.

I'm just starting the book today and will let you know what I think. In the meantime, check out the trailer here:

Don’t forget to google Zestra after you finish watching this video... or better yet, check out the link on Jenna’s homepage http://www.jennamccarthy.com/.


Anonymous said...

This is funny. I like the fact that the wife should be thinner and better looking. Too True!

Michelle @Special Mom Space said...

This is indeed funny but what about some real tips on a happy marriage? I can start with the first 1. Prayer. Yes, I need to pray and it regularly because my husband can work my nerves!

eula_w said...

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