4 Hours with Nothing to Do

Both of my kids are in school. Every day. Excuse me for a second while I do this - Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

It's not that I don't love my kids or like spending time with them. It's just that once you've experienced silence, you remember how much it rocked.

So my son is gone all day long and my daughter is gone for a little under 3 hours. I have been looking forward to uninterrupted time all summer long, but I think my husband saw it differently.

He approached me the week before school started and said something like, "So you're going to have 4 hours with nothing to do every day."

Um, no. I have just under 3 hours and I will not be doing "nothing." I still have the same amount of stuff to do every day. I will just get to do 3 hours worth alone.  It's not like a crawl back into bed once the bus pulls away (great idea by the way.)

I spend about an hour of that time exercising and getting myself ready. I take my kids to the bus stop in my PJs. They are still young enough that it's not embarrassing for them yet.

And I'm old enough that I don't care. Actually, I've never cared about being seeing in my jammies. After the workout, I clean the house. I make phone calls, check email, blog a bit, organize closets, work in the yard, make repairs, catch up on my to-do lists, and sometimes I volunteer at school.

Then I pick up my daughter, and my life is back to it's child-included normalcy. That time still included errands and cleaning. But it also includes games, stories, homework, and family time.

4 hours with nothing to do!  I'm loving my few hours of busy quiet.


Working Mommy said...

yay for having "nothing" to do!


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