39 Days down - 51 left to go!

I am great at starting things. Exercise programs, jobs, projects, you name it. I am GREAT at starting. I'm not so great at finishing. If you read my blog, then you know that I've started the Supreme 90 Workout system. And you know that once upon a time I attempted to finish the 30 day shred.

I failed the 30 day shred because I ended up with severe bronchitis. I had it for almost a month. Oh and my hair started falling out and my "cycle" became wild. Never go vegan, have a creepy house guest, commit to extreme exercise, and get sick all at the same time.

But those are just excuses. I probably would have quit from boredom eventually. Not anymore! I am a new "finish what I start" kind of person. Actually, that's my new motto:

Finish what you Start

And I am finishing. If you've done the Supreme 90 day workout, then you KNOW it's intense. Like every day intense. Like don't eat for hours beforehand or you will barf intense. And I don't have a lot of weight to lose. Technically, I don't have any weight to lose, so why push it?

Because I started it. And I am going to finish! As of today I am on day 39. I have stuck with this program longer than any I've ever attempted before. *silent clapping*

I have taken "before" shots. Maybe I'll finally take "after" shots. You have to finish to get after shots. Wish me luck on the next 51 days.


Anonymous said...

Holy sh**! Supreme 90 day is hard!!!! I quit during the first day. I'm scared to see how hard the other 10 discs are.

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